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Horse Ownership - Responsible Sustainable Ethical©

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Horse Ownership - Responsible Sustainable Ethical©

Responsible horse ownership starts with knowledge. Aim to be as knowledgeable as you can about horse care, horse behaviour, training, safety, welfare and horse management. Learn to take care of the land where your horse grazes. You can then apply this knowledge to do the right thing for your horse (or horses) and for the environment. The Equiculture website is a resource and a learning tool for responsible horse people – people like you. By using this website you will more learn about:-

Equiculture promotes responsible horse ownership through education and a commitment to ongoing learning. Remember to tell your friends about this site so that they, their horses and the environment can benefit.

We hope this site will become one of your favourite sites. It contains information that may not be readily available elsewhere. As well as featuring articles of topical interest these pages also provide relevant links and reading lists that will help you to further your education. We can all learn more and learning is fun.

This website is regularly updated with new information. We produce and reproduce information that is both scientific and accessible.

The information on this website and any new additions is as relevant to inexperienced as to experienced horse people. Read about us - Jane and Stuart Myers - and our experience and credentials - on the About us page.

About the new website

Welcome readers new and old. This website is is a work in progress and always will be as we continually update with new information, articles and links to other informative websites. To be sure of keeping up to date with additions you should subscribe to our mailing list if you have not already. You can now subscribe quickly and simply via this site for free. Then you will receive a regular email (approximately every one to two months - no junk) alerting you to new articles and new information that has been added to the website since the last email. You will also be notified about upcoming events (not only ours), both nationally and internationally, information about other useful websites and current affairs.

We are also writing a travel blog (on the News and new stuff page) as we travel the world looking at all things horse and studying sustainable horsekeeping. Over the next few years our travels will enable us to expand our business, but also to visit and research the global equine community with a view to sharing this information with you. Our rough itinerary for the next year or so is on the news and new stuff page and the Seminars and workshops page has a calendar of events. You wouldn't want to miss out any new information so make sure you subscribe to the mailing list ASAP (its free).

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