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Feb 2017 to May 2017

Stuart - Australia

Jane - UK, then Aus

June 2017 to Oct 2017

Stuart and Jane - UK

Oct 2017 to Dec 2017

Stuart - Australia + New Zealand

Jane - UK, then Aus, then NZ

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Learn how to improve your balance so that you feel more secure when riding. This book is the second in this series and it shows you how to increase your balance. It contains 18 lessons for you to follow in your own time.

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What a simple way to improve balance, I now teach this method to all of my students, from beginners to advanced. Fiona, Toronto, Canada

I am now much closer to achieving a truly ‘independent seat’. Feeling secure and confident. Bring on the next book! Megan, Cambridge, UK

This book is very easy to follow and has saved me money. My own instructor is great but she does not cover these fundamental basics. Thank you Jane for making it so easy to improve my riding, Jan. Kent, UK

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Our books

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Our books have lots of information about sustainable horsekeeping practices:


Horse keeping has changed dramatically in the last 30 to 40 years and there are many new challenges facing contemporary horse owners. The modern domestic horse is now much more likely to be kept for leisure purposes than for work and this can have huge implications on the health and well-being of our horses and create heavy demands on our time and resources.

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In an ideal world, most horse owners would like to have healthy nutritious pastures on which to graze their horses all year round. Unfortunately, the reality for many horse owners is far from ideal. However, armed with a little knowledge it is usually possible to make a few simple changes in your management system to create an environment which produces healthy, horse friendly pasture, which in turn leads to healthy ‘happy’ horses.

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It does not matter if you are buying an established horse property, starting with a blank canvas or modifying a property you already own; a little forward planning can ensure that your dream becomes your property. Good design leads to better living and working spaces and it is therefore very important that we look at our property as a whole with a view to creating a design that will work for our chosen lifestyle, our chosen horse pursuit, keep our horses healthy and happy, enhance the environment and to be pleasing to the eye, all at the same time.

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Buying a horse property might be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make - so it is vital that you get it right. This book will guide you through the process, wherever you live in the world.

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I wish this book had been out when I bought my first horse property, it would have saved me a lot of anguish. I love the check list and I am using it as we look for our next property. Vicky, Texas, USA

This book has brought up so many points that I just would not have thought about if I had not read it. Thanks a million! Bob, Nottingham, UK

So many great pictures and such a straightforward way of explaining how to work out what is important, and what is not. Kirsty, Geelong, Australia


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Horse Industry

Governing/peak bodies AUS

Governing/peak bodies UK

Governing/peak bodies USA and USA State hourse councils in particular

Equine Canada peak body www.equinecanada.ca

South Afrrican Equestrian Federation - www.saef.org.za

Please let us know of any other websites that should be listed on this page. Also, if any of these links no longer work or exist.

Governing/peak bodies AUSBack to top

AERA (Australian Endurance Riders Association) www.aera.asn.au

Pony Club Australia www.ponyclubaustralia.com.au

ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) www.athra.com.au

Equestrian Australia (changed from EFA) www.equestrian.org.au

RDA (Riding for the Disabled Australia) www.rda.org.au

HRCAV (Horse riding clubs association Victoria) The Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria currently has 205 member Clubs with 5200 individual members spread across Victoria and parts of NSW www.hrcav.com.au

Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) is a national representative body, serving the Australian horse industry.  The main role of the AHIC is to provide a voice for the interests of horses and horse owners in national forums. Particular issues that are a focus of AHIC activities include horse health and welfare, personal safety and any other issues that can have widespread effects across the horse industry www.horsecouncil.org.au

Queensland Horse Council -  HOSS - Horse Owners Signal System is a database for contact in case of disease outbreak, fire, flood, or any other emergency and a way of receiving information about what's happening in the Horse Industry in Qld. This automatically subscribes you to the great e-newsletter eQuiNEWS. This is a free service supplied by the Qld Horse Council. All that is required is your email, postcode and council where YOUR HORSE LIVES. Go to the website and click on HOSS’s image for registration. If you have multiple emails where you can be contacted at different times of day, or horses living in different postcodes or council areas, please register each one individually. Since HOSS was launched Qld has experienced floods, the tragic Hendra outbreaks and fires which have been around the state. HOSS has been able to get immediate and up to date information out to HOSS fans from the farthest north in the Gulf country to Mt Isa and as far west as Longreach. www.qldhorsecouncil.com

South Australia - Horse SA  is a very active organisation, see the website for information about HorsesLandWater.com, The Kidman Trail, Horse Road Safety, Australian Horse Trust, Horse Events, Educators Network, State Horse Centre, Trails & Public Land, Horse Health & Welfare, Heritage, Industry Development, Careers And Education, Where To Ride, Research Partnerships and more www.horsesa.asn.au

The Australian Capital Territory Equestrian Association (ACTEA) was established in 1970 as an umbrella organisation to represent all equestrians in Canberra and the local region in their endeavours at all levels of achievement. ACTEA represents 20 affiliated groups such as pony clubs, showjumping, trail riding, dressage, horse trials, eventing, endurance riding and vaulting www.actea.asn.au

Western Australia Horse Council represents the non racing horse industry in WA. We can put you in touch with other groups or individuals with similar concerns and can provide important information or take up issue on your behalf at local and state government. A WA Horse Emergency website database has been established to notify all horse owners in the event of an emergency affecting horses in Western Australia. For information on how to register, go to the Communications Database on the website www.wahorsecouncil.com.au

Governing/peak bodies UKBack to top

The British Horse Industry Confederation (BHIC) was launched on 3 March 1999 to enable the British Horse industry to speak to government with a single, united voice. Our aim is to work in a spirit of positive cooperation with government and other authorities to best serve the interests of horses and riders www.bhic.co.uk  

Size and Scope of the Equine Sector - facts and figures about the size and scope of the equine industry in the UK by the BHIC Oct 2009 www.bhic.co.uk/sizecope

Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales - prepared by the BHIC, published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Dec 2005. The Strategy has been developed by the BHIC in partnership with Government, and sets out a vision of where the industry aspires to be within ten years. Its purpose is to foster a robust and sustainable horse industry, increase its economic value, enhance the welfare of the horse, and develop the industry’s contribution to the cultural, social, educational, health and sporting life of the nation www.defra.gov.uk/horse-strategy

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) is the national governing body for horse sports in the UK, affiliated to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the international governing body of equestrian sports. It exists to provide leadership, vision and purpose in steering the direction of equestrianism. The BEF is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of 4.2 million riders, vaulters and carriage drivers in Great Britain via 18 independent member bodies. Established in 1972 it is the largest representative body within the equestrian industry and together with the British Horse Racing Board and the Thoroughbred Breeders Association forms the British Horse Industry Confederation (BHIC) www.bef.co.uk

The British Equestrian Federation Researching Equines Database (BEFRED) is a free website allowing the user to search abstracts of research carried out into equine topics. BEFRED improves the links between the equine industry and the research community, enabling the industry to benefit from the considerable amount of research being undertaken in universities and colleges www.befred.org

DEFRA Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - has a close interest in the health and welfare of horses. The website has information about horse passports, health and welfare, diseases, The Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales, facts and figures about the horse industry and legislation www.defra.gov.uk/horses This page will take you to the Horse Passports page but you can enter Horses in the search bar for lots of other kinds of information.

The British Horse Society - The BHS can offer guidance on everything you need to know about riding, caring for the horse and working in the industry. The BHS is also the home of British Riding Clubs, the largest movement for amateur riders in the UK. The BHS works to improve standards of horse welfare and safety, increase and protect bridleway access, educate riders and horse owners, provide great membership benefits and inspirational riding experiences www.bhs.org.uk

Association of British Riding Schools is the only organisation solely representing professional riding school proprietors. It has a wide ranging examination and testing system www.abrs-info.org

The British Equestrian Trade Association works to support members in their efforts to achieve the highest level of repute, knowledge and profitability. BETA was formed in 1979 and has grown to be recognised and accepted as the official representative body for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade by Government and leading riding organisations www.beta-uk.org

British Equine Veterinary Association www.beva.org.uk

British Show Jumping Association www.britishshowjumping.co.uk

British Dressage www.britishdressage.co.uk

British Eventing www.britisheventing.com

British show pony society www.bsps.com

Driving www.britishdrivingsociety.co.uk

The Pony Club www.pcuk.org

Riding for the Disabled www.riding-for-disabled.org.uk

The Society of Master Saddlers www.mastersaddlers.co.uk

The Farriers Registration Council www.farrier-reg.gov.uk

The Worshipful Company of Farriers www.wcf.org.uk

British Reining www.britishreining.co.uk

Endurance GB www.endurancegb.co.uk

Scottish Equestrian Association www.s-e-a.org.uk

Bridleways and Quiet Lanes www.bridleways.co.uk

Toll Rides (Off Road Trust) www.tollrides.org.uk

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