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Horse Industry

The Horse Industry in Australia is very large and important (it turns over a large part of the countries' GDP). This page has links to various areas of the horse industry. Below are horses and travel website links, click for equine magazine website links, national and state horse council website links and national and state (Australian) peak bodies website links.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse any of the information sourced on this page.

Equine Magazines

AUS - Hoofbeats magazine an Australian magazine which also has a great web site. Each edition an article is added to the free archive on the site. One of Australia oldest magazines it provides great information that is balanced and informative www.hoofbeats.com.au

AUS - Horses and People a high quality, full gloss, free monthly publication which has become the premier source for equestrian information in Queensland and Northern NSW over the past 15 years and has gone national as of late 2010. There is an excellent archive of articles online articles www.horsesandpeople.com.au

CANADA - Horses for Life an informative on-line magazine with lots of free articles. The articles are thought provoking and challenging, educational and welfare based www.horsesforlife.com

Horses and travel

INTERNATIONAL - The Long Riders Guild part museum, book store, tack room and Guild Hall, this website contains the world's largest collection of equestrian travel information. If you are interested in travel and horses then this site is just brilliant. A visit inside will introduce you to the amazing men and women who have ridden horses in search of mounted adventure in every conceivable country and climate, ranging from Africa to Antarctica www.thelongridersguild.com

AUS - Have Horse ... Will Travel an all Australian 'BYO Horse' directory of places to travel and holiday with your horse. Whether you want to holiday with your horse, or travel from 'A to B', this site provides comprehensive information of where you can stay. You will also find information on trails, events and horse transport/float hire around Australia. You can subscribe to the free newsletter so that you are kept up to date www.havehorsewilltravel.com.au

Find a Riding Holiday lists horse riding holidays from holiday providers all over the world. Reviews etc. www.findaridingholiday.com

National and state peak bodies (Australia)

These organisations are the Australian national peak body addresses. Each one links branches in states etc. where applicable as well as numerous useful other links. Please let us know of any other websites that should be listed here.

AERA (Australian Endurance Riders Association) www.aera.asn.au

Pony Club Australia www.ponyclubaustralia.com.au

ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) www.athra.com.au

Equestrian Australia (changed from EFA) www.efanational.com

RDA (Riding for the Disabled Australia) www.rda.org.au

Harness Racing Australia www.harness.org.au

Australian Racing Board www.australian-racing.net.au

HRCAV (Horse riding clubs association Victoria) The Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria currently has 205 member Clubs with 5200 individual members spread across Victoria and parts of NSW www.hrcav.com.au

SCATER (Sunshine Coast Trail and Endurance Riders) Home of Australian Competitive Trail Riding (CTR) www.scater.com.au

National and State horse council information

Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) is a national representative body, serving the Australian horse industry.  The main role of the AHIC is to provide a voice for the interests of horses and horse owners in national forums. Particular issues that are a focus of AHIC activities include horse health and welfare, personal safety and any other issues that can have widespread effects across the horse industry www.horsecouncil.org.au

Queensland Horse Council -  HOSS - Horse Owners Signal System is a database for contact in case of disease outbreak, fire, flood, or any other emergency and a way of receiving information about what's happening in the Horse Industry in Qld. This automatically subscribes you to the great e-newsletter eQuiNEWS. This is a free service supplied by the Qld Horse Council. All that is required is your email, postcode and council where YOUR HORSE LIVES. Go to the website and click on HOSS’s image for registration. If you have multiple emails where you can be contacted at different times of day, or horses living in different postcodes or council areas, please register each one individually. Since HOSS was launched Qld has experienced floods, the tragic Hendra outbreaks and fires which have been around the state. HOSS has been able to get immediate and up to date information out to HOSS fans from the farthest north in the Gulf country to Mt Isa and as far west as Longreach. Fact sheet on Bats, Trees and Horses now available www.qldhorsecouncil.com

South Australia - Horse SA  is a very active organisation, see the website for information about HorsesLandWater.com, The Kidman Trail, Horse Road Safety, Australian Horse Trust, Horse Events, Educators Network, State Horse Centre, Trails & Public Land, Horse Health & Welfare, Heritage, Industry Development, Careers And Education, Where To Ride, Research Partnerships and more www.horsesa.asn.au

The Australian Capital Territory Equestrian Association (ACTEA) was established in 1970 as an umbrella organisation to represent all equestrians in Canberra and the local region in their endeavours at all levels of achievement. ACTEA represents 20 affiliated groups such as pony clubs, showjumping, trail riding, dressage, horse trials, eventing, endurance riding and vaulting www.actea.asn.au

New South Wales - Australian Horse Alliance (AHA) was formed in 1993 to try and arrest growing anti-horse sentiments that are threatening horse riding access to public land. The AHA is an umbrella organisation representing the views of the recreational horse riding fraternity. The Management Committee is comprised, in part, of representatives of a number of Peak bodies. These bodies include the NSW Pony Club Association, Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA), the NSW Endurance Riders Association, (NSW-ERA) and Horse Riding Centres of Australia (representing commercial riding centres). The remainder of the Committee consists of delegates from a number of riding clubs. Many clubs, individuals and families have now joined the AHA to provide much needed financial and other support www.australianhorsealliance.asn.au

Western Australia Horse Council represents the non racing horse industry in WA. We can put you in touch with other groups or individuals with similar concerns and can provide important information or take up issue on your behalf at local and state government. A WA Horse Emergency website database has been established to notify all horse owners in the event of an emergency affecting horses in Western Australia. For information on how to register, go to the Communications Database on the website www.wahorsecouncil.com.au

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