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More horse care information...

This page is where you can find more about horse care. Scroll down for general horse care articles (directly below), recommended reading (books) general horse care links, worms and worming links hoofcare/laminitis/cushings/equine insulin resistance links, nutrition and feeding links and Hendra Virus links.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse any of the information sourced on this page.


Recommended reading

Horse Sense The guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand (2nd Ed) Huntington P, Myers J & Owens L (2004) Landlinks Press (CSIRO), Melbourne.

Hoof care, Laminitis, Cushings, Equine Insulin Resistance etc.

AUS - Andrew Bowe, the Barefoot Blacksmith is a career master farrier who specialises in the barefoot rehabilitation of horses that are suffering chronic lameness. His business is situated in North East Victoria, Australia  Andrew also runs courses (around Australia) for people wishing to learn how to trim their own horses www.barehoofcare.com

AUS - The Australia Equine Laminitis Research Unit This site contains scientific information for veterinary students, equine science students, horse owners and veterinarians alike. Prof Chris Pollitt - world renowned equine foot researcher - is the Director of the AELRU www.laminitisresearch.org

AUS - The ABRU (Australian Brumby Research Unit) is attached to the AELRU (above) and is also headed by Professor Chris Pollitt BVSc PhD and is coordinated by Dr Brian Hampson. You can subscribe to the free newsletter so that you can be kept up to date with their goings on. Lots of good scientific based information including The Effects of Environment on the Feral Horse Foot www.wildhorseresearch.com

AUS - Dr Brian Hampson - The brumby hoof researcher from the ABRU (above) has his own website www.thehoofman.com. Find out about Brumby Safaris here.

AUS - The Australian Equine Barefoot Movement’s website includes lots of information and links to other barefoot links www.aebm.org.au

AUS - Dr Judith Mulholland BSc, BVMS has a good website with lots of laminitis, cushings etc. information www.farriervet.com

AUS - Laminitis pt 1 M van den Berg MB Equine Services

AUS - Laminitis pt 2 M van den Berg MB Equine Services

UK - The Laminitis Trust in the UK registered Charity dedicated to supporting research into equine laminitis; it was founded in 1998 www.laminitis.org

IRE - Holistic Hoof and Horsecare  This site has lots of good information about hooves and horse care. Anja - the author is based in South West Ireland www.holistic-hoof-and-horsecare.com

USA - Katy Watts - Safer Grass The information gathered on this site is the result of the authors research to find out how to better manage her own chronically laminitic ponies. This includes replicated field trials on grass at her own research facility, literature searches of scientific journals, discussions with veterinary scientists, and collections of anecdotal evidence from people all around the world who are dealing with equine laminitis www.safergrass.org

USA - Equine Cushing's Disease and Equine Insulin Resistance Robin Siskel founded the ECIR Group with the goal of keeping information firmly based in science. Noted veterinarian Eleanor Kellon, VMD, joined the ECIR Group in 2001 and became Co-Owner with Robin www.ecirhorse.com

USA - Equine Metabolic Syndrome article from the Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Horse Nutrition Newsletter.

See the more pasture info page as well.

Nutrition and feeding

AUS - Carol Layton B.Sc, M.Ed - Balanced Equine Carol Layton is an independent equine nutritionist who is passionate about the art and science of feeding horses.  An excellent site for learning about feeding horses and what a mineral balanced diet really is www.balancedequine.com.au

AUS - There are several feeding articles on the website of MB Equine Services

UK - Blue Cross-Fat Horse Slim Campaign - over the years many of us have got used to horses being fatter, the Fat Horse Slim campaign by The Blue Cross in the UK has been designed to help horse keepers understand what is a healthy weight, and how to keep their horse within a healthy range www.bluecross.org.uk/fat-horse-slim

USA - Kentucky Equine Research have an informative free newsletter and website with lots of feeding articles www.ker.com

USA - Kentucky Equine Research - Myths and Wives Tales of Feeding Horses

UK - Grazing muzzles can reduce intake by up to 80% from the Equine Science Update.

See the more pasture info page as well.

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The Equiculture Essentials series - Jane Myers (2011)  longer versions of some articles written for the RSPCA (Australia):

Hendra Virus

AUS - The Biosecurity Queensland (Department of Primary Industries) website horses section www.dpi.qld.gov.au/Horses is the first place to look for information about the Hendra Virus.

AUS - The Queensland Horse Council website is another essential website that has information about this deadly virus www.qldhorsecouncil.com.

AUS - The CSIRO’s Hendra information page www.csiro.au

AUS - Dept Primary Industries NSW - Henda Virus page

AUS - Dept Primary Industries Victoria - Hendra Virus information for horse owners and workers

AUS - Queensland Workplace Heath and Safety website’s information about Hendra. www.deir.qld.gov.au.

AUS - Hendra Virus information site - a website dedicated to information about Hendra www.hendravirus.org

Worms and worming

NZ - HorseTalk NZ - There is heaps of great scientific (but easy to understand) and up to date information on the parasite section of the HorseTalk NZ website. It is difficult to find information that is as up to date as this - give yourself plenty of time to do this site page justice www.horsetalk.co.nz/worming

Relevant links to general horse care sites

AUS - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) (Australia) This site summarises research on nutrition and general health relevant to Australian conditions (but much of the information is relevant to horse owners everywhere). You can buy books from the site but you can also download (for free) many publications and articles www.rirdc.gov.au

AUS - Natural Horse World This site belongs to Cynthia Cooper of Tasmania and has lots of great information on it with more than 100 articles on various subjects including trailer loading, weaning, laminitis, saddle fit, hoof care and training www.naturalhorseworld.com

AUS - The Queensland Horse Council  has links to several fact sheets including a diverse range of topics from Botulism to fire and flood planning on your horse property and of course Hendra www.qldhorsecouncil.com

AUS - Horse SA - www.horsesa.asn.au have a great website full of all sorts of good information about horse keeping. Based in South Australia but most of the information is relevant to horse owners everywhere.

AUS - The International Home of Rest for Champion Horses - Living Legends based in Victoria, just outside Melbourne. This is modelled on a UK home of rest for horses. It has been established to bring retired champion horses back to the public. As well as great for an actual visit the website has many good articles www.livinglegends.org.au and www.livinglegends.org.au/health

AUS - Victoria's Department of Primary Industries has information on legislation, regulations and standards, management for horse owners, including basic horse care, transportation and agistment, emergencies, health and welfare of horses and a Horse Notes Newsletter, click here to go directly to the relevant section.

AUS - Queensland’s Department of Primary Industries has information on Horse health & disease management, registering your horse property and information on horse agistment, events: running, registering and participating in horse events, animal welfare & ethics: Moving horses - Horse movements in Queensland must comply with the requirements under the Stock Act, click here to go directly to the relevant section.

AUS - New South Wales’s Department of Primary Industries  - has advice on feeding and nutrition, pastures, health and disease, weight, worm control, poisonous plants, and diseases, management, fire safety, foaling, transport, horse events, general care for horses, welfare, click here to go directly to the relevant section.

USA - Jessica Jahiel - Horse Sense Newsletter This is a free, subscriber-supported Q&A email newsletter which deals with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training. Over 1450 articles are currently indexed and searchable in the newsletter archives on the HORSE-SENSE Newsletter website, making it one of the largest repositories of equestrian content on the web www.horse-sense.org and www.jessicajahiel.com/horse-sense

USA - Dr Deb Bennets Equine Studies Institute Dr Deb Bennets Equine Studies Institute is a colloquium of friends who share an attitude and approach to horsemanship. This web site contains much information of interest to horse owners, riders, trainers, and breeders. No matter what style you ride or what breed of horse you fancy, you'll be welcome on this site www.equinestudies.org

UK - Hidden Horses is a website about better and more modern horsekeeping. There are some interesting articles to read and the author of the site - Mark Hanson - has also published a book  www.hiddenhorses.com

General horse care articles

 Treeless Saddles Jane Myers published 2010 by Equine Excellence Magazine

Snake Bite and Horses Dr David Bartholomeusz (2010) – Senior Veterinarian at Veresdale Equine Veterinary Services (VEVS) www.vevs.com.au