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More horse safety information...

This page is where you can find more about horse safety. Scroll down for horse safety articles (directly below), recommended reading (books) and relevant website links.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse any of the information sourced on this page.



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Recommended reading

Teaching safe horsemanship Jan Dawson (2003) (2nd ed) Storey Communications USA. This book will teach you how to instruct safely and keep your clients safe.

Horse Safe - The Complete Guide to Equine Safety Jane Myers (2005)  Landlinks Press (CSIRO). Available from our bookshop.

Relevant Links

AUS - Horse Safety Australia has been the leader in setting standards for the industry and is non-profit Incorporated Association. Horse Safety Australia is committed to improving the safety record of horse activities in Australia. We are doing this through a number of means including providing qualifications for horse riding instructors, clinicians and trail guides, providing tips for safety around horses, providing lists of those who have completed a clinic with Horse Safety Australia, endorsements of safety products related to horse riding and handling, and highlighting OHS issues around horses www.horsesafetyaustralia.com.au

AUS - Aussie Rider Helmets, the award winning Australian helmet manufacturer www.aussierider.biz

AUS  - Research results of horse related accidents in Australia www.nisu.flinders.edu.au

AUS  - Toestoppers save lives www.toestoppers.com

USA -American Association for Horsemanship Safety (AAHS) www.horsemanshipsafety.com

USA - Equine law and horsemanship safety site (maintained in co-operation with AAHS) www.asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/

USA - Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation www.hughston.com/hha/a.horse.htm

USA - Equestrian Medical Safety Association/Safe riders foundation (EMSA) www.emsaonline.net

UK - The Medical Equestrian Association www.medequestrian.co.uk

UK - Riding Safely - A comprehensive UK site devoted to safety and horses www.ridingsafely.net

UK - British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) - Safety section of website www.beta-uk.org/safety

UK - British Horse Society Riding Safely section www.bhs.org.uk/RidingSafely and reporting of equestrian incidents www.horseaccidents.org.uk

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