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More sustainability and environment information...

This page contains information about and links to resource management groups and organisations. Scroll down for articles and recommended reading (books/publications) directly below,  links to information on conservation/sustainable grazing and links to national and international sustainable management organisations/projects.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse any of the information sourced on this page.


Disclaimer and copyright: Please note that the information contained on this website is the opinion of or is based on the skills/experience of the author/s, and any use or misuse of any of the information is entirely the responsibility of the user. We cannot be held responsible for what you choose to do with the information. Opinions expressed in articles or links on this site other than those created by Equiculture are not endorsed by or not necessarily of the same opinion as Equiculture. This site and all its content are © copyright to Jane Myers and Stuart Myers and Equiculture and may not be copied without direct permission from the authors.


National and international sustainable management organisations/projects

Horses, land and water is an Australian website about caring for your land and your horses www.horseslandwater.com Horses Land and Water is a Community of Practice, this is a group of like-minded people who share information about a set range of topics, in this case, horse keeping and good land management practices. This Community of Practice uses four key ways to engage horse owners and horse property managers with each other to share collective knowledge and experiences

Please contact the HorsesLandWater team for any comments, feedback or ideas for research or new resources.

Waterwatch Australia www.waterwatch.org.au is a national community water quality monitoring network that encourages all Australians to become involved and active in the protection and management of their waterways and catchments. There are now nearly 3000 Waterwatch groups monitoring water quality at over 7000 sites throughout 200 catchments. Waterwatch groups conduct biological and habitat assessments plus physical and chemical water tests. Over time, Waterwatch groups can determine if the health of their waterways and catchments are improving, declining or being maintained. The Waterwatch network is made up of individuals, community groups, and school groups. Local Waterwatch facilitators and coordinators support the community to understand, protect and restore waterway and catchment health. If you are interested in joining or starting a Waterwatch group contact your local Waterwatch facilitator or coordinator. Have a look on the website for regional contacts etc.

Landcare Australia www.landcareaustralia.com.au is an amazing grass roots movement that harnesses individuals and groups under the ethic of caring for the land. It had its genesis in initiatives to improve agricultural productivity through sustainable land management. The movement has grown from this to a broader focus on sustainable management of all of Australia’s natural resource assets and now encompasses individuals and groups across the whole landscape from coastal to urban and remote areas of Australia. With over 6000 Landcare and Coastcare groups nationwide there is likely to be a group near you, possibly working on a project right under your nose. Click here for a Landcare case-study on achievable intensive horsekeeping.

Greening Australia www.greeningaustralia.org.au welcomes everyone committed to protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes. If you're ready to get out and get active for the environment, Greening Australia has a world of ways to address critical environment issues.

Landcare New Zealand www.landcare.org.nz NZ Landcare Trust works with farmers, landowners and community groups to improve the sustainability of the landscapes and waterways.

Victoria - Australia

Yarra Valley Equestrian Landcare Group facebook page This is the first equine Landcare group in Australia that we are aware of - any others that you know of? Here is an article that appeared in the Victorian Landcare Magazine Winter Issue 2011 about the formation of the group - click here.

The Sustainable Land Management Program, Whittlesea - rural landowners can access support which includes:

Rural property owners can get free on-site advice from our Sustainable Land Management Officers, who also arrange land management field days throughout the year. These events are free to the public and are advertised in the local press and community newsletters. www.whittlesea.vic.gov.au

The Victorian Landcare Gateway website has links and information to regional and local Landcare groups and contacts www.landcarevic.net.au This website is particularly useful for those wondering who to contact in their local area about Landcare type issues. It is also useful for listing upcoming Victorian events to do with Landcare.

New South Wales - Australia

The Hunter - Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority (CMA) can provide you with technical advice and financial assistance to better manage the natural resources of your property; including soils, water and vegetation if you live in the Hunter, Central Coast or Lower North Coast regions of New South Wales. For more information visit the website www.hcr.cma.nsw.gov.au

Bellinger Landcare Incorporated www.bellingerlandcare.org.au is a community based not for profit organisation supporting community initiatives and involvement in natural resource management in Bellingen Shire and beyond.

We offer landholders a whole range of land management services including -  


USA - Sustainable Stables www.sustainablestables.com is an organization of equestrian and environmental professionals dedicated to sustainable, environmentally-sensitive horsekeeping.

USA - Horses for Clean Water www.horsesforcleanwater.com reading Alayne Bickle’s work was one of the driving forces behind my interest in sustainable horse management.

FRANCE - Marthe Kiley-Worthington, scientist and author of books about horse behaviour and welfare. Now runs an Eco Farm and Research Centre in France www.eco-etho-recherche.com.

CANADA - The University of Guelph www.equineguelph.ca has a Healthy Lands for Healthy Horses equine stewardship program which addresses specific challenges and opportunities facing the expanding equine community.

USA - The Quivira Coalition "The mission of The Quivira Coalition is to build resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive public and private land stewardship."

USA - Holistic Management www.holisticmanagement.org is a whole-farm planning system that benefits the land, animals, and people. The system incorporates values-based goal setting, the appropriate use of tools as well as financial, land, and biological planning and monitoring. It’s in use today on more than 30 million acres on four continents.

USA - BEHAVE is a research and outreach program that explores the principles of animal behavior. Our primary focus is on diet and habitat selection of livestock. Understanding how animals learn will enable us to train animals to fit our landscapes rather than having to modify our landscapes to fit our animals. Using grazing as a tool will reduce our use of expensive machinery, fossil fuels and toxic herbicides. By understanding how animals learn we can use their natural behaviors to manage weeds, enhance biodiversity, improve feeding systems, minimize use of riparian areas and much more. www.extension.usu.edu/behave

Recommended reading (books/publications)

AUS - Manure, water and vegetation on a horse property Jane Myers and Stuart Myers (2011) Equiculture. This publication shows you how to deal with these important issues on a horse property. Good management of all three areas will enhance the environment for yourself, your horses and for wildlife.

AUS - Horse property planning Jane Myers and Stuart Myers (2011) Equiculture. Plan your property so that it benefits you, your horses and the environment. Both publications available as ebooks or in a printed version.  See our bookshop for more information.

AUS - The dung beetle dictionary is now available online for free.

USA - Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads, and Campgrounds, (USA). Well designed trails go a long way in ensuring that trail riding is an enjoyable experience with minimal impacts to the surrounding environment. One great resource for sustainable trail design is this book by Jan Hancock, Jeff Engelman, and Jim Coffman which includes a section on environmental concerns. A free online version of the book is available here.

Conservation/sustainable grazing

UK - See the following link for a whole (GAP) newsletter edition about about using ponies for conservation grazing in the UK www.grazingadvicepartnership.org.uk

UK - The Wicken Fen Conservation Grazing Project using Konik Ponies and Highland Cattle by Carol Laidlaw the conservation grazing warden.

UK - See also the website The Konik Ponies of Wicken Fen for more information about the above project and check out the photo gallery from our own visit. There is also a page about the Highland Cattle on this site which are an important part of the project.

USA - A couple of links to articles about using grazing horses to create new soil and pasture Horse hooves stimulate desirable vegetation and Improving a small acreage with three horses.  

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AUS - Cuddley Koalas, Beautiful Brumbies, Exotic Olives - Fighting for Media Selection in the Attention Economy by Phil Bagust. In interesting article if you enjoy controversy and food for thought.