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More systems and facilities information...

This page is where you can find more about Sustainable Horsekeeping. Scroll down for articles (directly below), recommended reading (books/publications) and links to information about disaster planning for horse properties.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse any of the information sourced on this page.


Dangers of Dams Jane Myers (2010) - an article written for Horses and People Magazine about what can happen to horses that have access to dams.

Scientific research about the group housing of horses www.group-housing-horses.net

21st Century Horse Management? Jane Myers June 2010. An article about HIT Aktive Stables published by Horses and People Magazine.

Is shade and shelter essential for horses? Jane Myers (2011). A longer version of an article written for the RSPCA (Australia).

On the right track. An article in Horses and people magazine about how The Equicentral System changed the lives of Karri and her horses.

Links to information about fire, flood and storms

Also do an Internet search for disaster planning and horses

AUS - Horses and Bushfires - Victorian Department of Primary Industries agnote.

AUS - Emergency Response Planning from the Horses, Land Water website.

USA - Information about Disaster Planning from the Sunshine State Horse Council.

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Recommended reading (books publications)

These five publications (part of our Sustainable Horsekeeping Series - 2011) will all help you with your horse property. All the publications are available as PDF ebooks or in a printed version. See our bookshop for more information.

AUS - Managing Horses on Small Properties Myers J (2005) CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne. See our bookshop for more information.

Now also available as a kindle ebook