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More Pasture Pedia information


This page contains Articles about grasses, hay and pastures (below)  - links to information about Australian Native Grasses - links to informative web sites about grasses - links to seed merchants
















































































































































































Links to purely commercial sites may not be accepted for this page as this is an information resource page. Please contact us if you would like to advertise on our site.

Disclaimer and copyright: Please note that the information contained on this website is the opinion of or is based on the skills/experience of the author/s, and any use or misuse of any of the information is entirely the responsibility of the user. We cannot be held responsible for what you choose to do with the information. Opinions expressed in articles or links on this site other than those created by Equiculture are not endorsed by or not necessarily of the same opinion as Equiculture. This site and all its content are © copyright to Jane Myers and Stuart Myers and Equiculture and may not be copied without direct permission from the authors.

Links to informative web sites


Tropical Forages has produced a fabulous site called Tropical Forages: An Interactive Selection Tool which is a collaborative effort between CSIRO (Australia) Sustainable Ecosystems, Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (Qld), Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).Tropical Forages.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsPlant Production and Protection Division (AGP) promotes Sustainable Intensification of Crop Production. This site has a wonderful Grasslands Species Profiles section  

New Crop Resource Online Program (NewCROP) - is an information-rich site related to crop plants. It is a project of the Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products and is associated with the New Crop Diversification project and the Jefferson Institute.

Katy Watts - Safer Grass - www.safergrass.org - The information gathered on this site is the result of the authors research to find out how to better manage her own chronically laminitic ponies. This includes replicated field trials on grass at her own research facility, literature searches of scientific journals, discussions with veterinary scientists, and collections of anecdotal evidence from people all around the world who are dealing with equine laminitis.


Australian Herbage Plant Cultivars web site - contains registration statements that were contained in the Register of Australian Herbage Plant Cultivars (3rd ed, 1990) and those published subsequently in the Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. Information is provided on the origin and development of each cultivar, a full morphological description, and referenced information on the agronomic uses and merits of the cultivar.

Queensland Department of Primary Industries web site - has a good section on pasture grasses

The Tropical Grassland Society of Australia web site - promotes the practical application of research information on pasture improvement in tropical and sub-tropical environments.

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries web site - has a good section on pasture grasses

New South Wales Flora Online - PlantNET - The Plant Information Network System of the Botanic Gardens

Victorian Department of Primary Industries web site has a good section called crops and pastures which has various informative articles about pastures and various conditions such as Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis

The web site of Pastures Australia www.pasturepicker.com.au/index.htm A collaboration between AWI, GRDC, MLA, RIRDC and Dairy Australia

New Zealand

The Encyclopedia of New Zealand - Te Ara -  offers many pathways to understanding New Zealand. It has a pastures section


University of Wisconsin Extension Services Forage Resources web site has good sections on Pastures and Grazing and Grasses. As with many web sites on this subject much of the information is for cattle and other animals (some of which is useful for horses owners some is not) but there is some specific to horses.
The British Grassland Society www.britishgrassland.com BGS is a membership organisation which acts as a communication forum, through events and publications, for the profitable and sustainable use of grass and forage.

Australian Native grasses

New South Wales HSC Online - Native Pastures
Victorian Department of Primary Industries Native grasses
Stipa Native Grasses Association aims to promote native grass as pasture and for conservation; to educate the community about native grasses; to document pasture systems using native grasses;to distribute information to agencies and landholders and to network with other groups with complimentary activities.

The Native Grass Resources Group (NGRG) is interested in Australian native grasses. They encourage the conservation and active management of all types of remnant native grassy ecosystems, promote pasture, land management and landscaping uses of native grasses. On this website you can learn about native grasses and find out more about the organisation. Also you can look at their database of Grass Seed Suppliers and Growers. You can then contact the growers and suppliers directly.

Articles about grasses, hay and pastures

Australia - Queensland DPI - Pasture for horses - Darling Downs
Australia - New South Wales DPI - Pastures for Horses
Australia - Victorian DPI - Small Farm: Pastures for horses - Angela Avery
Australia - Tasmanian DPI Perennial Ryegrass Staggers
Australia - Horses, Land and Water  Pasture composition
France - André Voisin - Grass Tetany - Whole book - Soil and Health Library
Australia - Agriculture Victoria Rutherglen Pastures for Horses – a winning resource? - Angela Avery
Canada - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural affairs - Hay for horses
USA - University of Kentucky Choosing Hay for Horses
USA and Australia - Buffering Capacity of Forage Important Factor in Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
Kentucky Equine Research - Myths and Wives Tales of Feeding Horses article
Australia - Carol Layton - Balanced Equine Nutrition - Understanding a hay or pasture test article

National - Australia

Heritage seeds
Heritage Seeds has offices in temperate and tropical regions of Australia, see web site for contact details.
Email:  heritage@heritageseeds.com.au  
Web site www.heritageseeds.com.au

Temperate - Australia

Native Seeds Pty Ltd
34/148 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham, Victoria 3192. Ph: 61 3 9555 1722, Fax: 61 3 9555 1799
email: enquiries@nativeseeds.com.au  
Web site www.nativeseeds.com.au

Specialty Seeds Australia Ltd
230 Dickins Road, Freshwater Creek, Victoria 3216, Free Phone: 1300 766 560  Ph: 0061 419 335 225, Fax: 0061 352 645 109
Email: specseed@bigpond.com
Web site www.specseed.com.au

Advanced seed
3 Carawa Drive, Reservoir, Victoria 3073.
Phone: (03) 9462 0340
Fax: (03) 9462 0275
Web site www.adseed.com.au

Stephen Pasture Seeds Pty. Ltd.
27 Wiltshire Lane, Ballarat, Victoria 3356
Phone: (03) 5335 8055
Fax: (03) 5335 8088
Email: info@stephenpastureseeds.com.au
Web site: www.stephenpastureseeds.com.au

Heritage Seeds Pty. Ltd.
Temperate and tropical grasses
See website for various offices
Phone:  03 9501 7000 Fax:  03 9561 9333
Email:  heritage@heritageseeds.com.au
Web site www.heritageseeds.com.au

Tropics - Australia

Heritage Seeds Pty. Ltd.
Temperate and tropical grasses
See website for various offices
Phone:  03 9501 7000 Fax:  03 9561 9333
Email:  heritage@heritageseeds.com.au
Web site www.heritageseeds.com.au

Selected Seeds Pty Ltd
The Tropical Pasture Seed People - have office in various areas in the tropical regions of Australia and the world, see web site for contact details
Web site www.selectedseeds.com.au

New Zealand

Agriseeds are a wholesale company and do not sell seed directly to farmers but see web site for pasture information and lists of retailers.
2547 Old West Coast Road RD 1 Christchurch 7671, Ph: 03 318 8514  Fax:  03 318 8549
Email:  mail@agriseeds.co.nz
Web site www.agriseeds.co.nz/about.htm

United Kingdom

Oliver Seeds
Unit 3, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Saxilby,Lincoln LN1 2LR
Tel: 0800 056 11 22
Fax: 01522 706 509
Email: enquiries@oliver-seeds.co.uk
Web site www.oliver-seeds.co.uk

Seed merchants

Some of these companies are wholesale only but list retailers of their products on their web site. Some sites have good information about pasture management that applies to any animal husbandry. Remember that any information about nutrition and feeding values etc will be for cattle or grazing animals other than horses unless specified otherwise.