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About our one day seminar/workshop

Sustainable horsekeeping.

The environment in which your horses live greatly affects their health and well being. This talk shows you how by following good land management practices you can reduce illness and injury to your horse/s, allow more natural behaviour for your horse/s, reduce feed bills, avoid spending money on the wrong facilities, increase the value of your property and enhance the wider environment all at the same time.

The sustainable horsekeeping talk is a one day indoor seminar (sometimes with a field visit included). It covers the sustainable management of a horse property - pasture management - grazing management - how to avoid land degradation - how to keep the waterways clean - water conservation and supply - manure management - property planning and design – the benefits of trees and plants. The presenter of the bulk of the seminar is always Jane Myers or Stuart Myers, sometimes with additional guest speakers depending on circumstances. The presentation is lively with lots of pictures - no boring bits !! See the testimonial section on this page for comments made by previous participants.

These seminars are usually run and funded in conjunction with local councils, Landcare groups or water catchment groups (such as Melbourne Water, SEQ Catchments) but they can also be arranged privately i.e. by a club or an individual who wishes to host/co-ordinate one. Please contact us for further information.

Shorter talks can be arranged and these are popular with riding clubs etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a Natural Resource manager (i.e. Landcare officer, water catchment organisation employee, local council worker) and you would like to organise a seminar for horse owners in your area. We also provide a seminar on the subject of horse property planning (for horse owners) and we provide seminars for natural resource managers on the subject of horses in the community, the environmental issues of horsekeeping, understanding horse owners etc.

Property consultations

Participants sometimes decide that they would like a private consultation at their property in the days following the seminar/workshop. This can usually be arranged but it is best to book this ASAP to avoid disappointment.

A consultation is usually about two hours and during this time we walk and talk with you on your property. Consultations can save you a lot of time, effort and money. We prefer consultations to be carried out after you have attended one of our presentations if possible - contact us for more information.

Testimonials and feedback

The testimonials and feedback from previous Managing Horses on Small Properties seminars has been outstanding – here are just a few comments that organisers have received and passed on to us:



Contact details

Tue/ Wed 17& 18th March 2015

Horse Riders Mechanic clinic

BB Ranch Mudgee


Sat/Sun 21st and 22nd

Healthy Horse Healthy Land (2 day workshop/seminar)

Kersbrook Equestrian centre South Australia

http://www.horsesa.asn.au/e vents/event/equiculture-workshop/

Seminars/workshops and shorter talks

This page is where you can find out about the one day Sustainable horsekeeping seminar/workshop that we run and the other talks that we do. We also do property consultations. We are generally in Australia for the (Australian) summer months and in Europe for the (European) summer months.

For information on the Riding Clinics  www.horseridersmechanic.com

There is a timetable of our upcoming seminars/workshops and any short talks (directly below) and some testimonials and feedback from past participants of our presentations.

See Our rough itinerary for the next year or so(on the News and new stuff page) for information about where we are now and in the near future.

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If we are in an area or passing through able to offer something like this as a fundraiser/info night for your club/group. Actual content may be negotiated.

If you can get 20+ people together, please get in touch to discuss stuart@equiculture.com.au