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Welfare agencies


If you are a part of or know of any equine welfare agencies that could be listed on this page please let us know. Also please contact us if you know of any details that are inaccurate on this page.

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Queensland - Australia

Name of Organisation - SEQ Brumby Association Inc

Website - www.seqbrumby.com

The purpose of the association is to advocate for the promotion, protection and humane management of Brumbies including the establishment of a rehoming program in SEQ. The rehoming program is being undertaken in partnership with Forestry Plantation Queensland who are removing Brumbies to reduce the risk of horse-vehicle collisions in the Tin Can Bay area.  To support the costs of caring for the Brumbies up until the time of their rehoming SEQBA relies entirely on funds obtained from membership fees, sponsorship and donations.

Also in Queensland:

Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue inc. www.charliesangels.org.au

SAHA Horse Rescue and Sanctuary www.saveahorseaustralia.blogspot.com

New South Wales - Australia

Name of Organisation - Horse Rescue Australia

Website - www.horserescue.com.au

Horse Rescue Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation and registered charity, devoted to the care and rehabilitation of horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. The group was founded in 1986 and is based in NSW. They are self-funded through memberships, sponsorships, donations and benefit events. HRA receives no government funding at all.

Name of Organisation - Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of NSW        Website - www.standardbred.org.au

This is the NSW group’s website but there are links to the six other similar organisations in other states and territories. These organisations promote the Standardbred as a successful and versatile horse that can excel in many disciplines outside their traditional role of harness racing. Through an adoption program they endeavour to locate suitable pleasure and performance homes for Standardbred horses retired from or otherwise unsuitable for harness racing. They encourage Standardbred owners to develop their horsemanship skills and the potential of their horses by guiding them to appropriate resources. They recognise the achievements of Standardbreds in all equestrian disciplines outside of harness racing.

Name of Organisation - Donkey Society of NSW Inc.
Website - www.donkeysocietynsw.org.au

We are an active, friendly group of donkey enthusiasts committed to upgrading the status, improving the care and encouraging the use of DONKEYS in New South Wales and throughout Australia. Benefits of membership include Donkey Digest, our national quarterly magazine; Big Ears & Donkey Tales, our NSW newsletter published every second month with news, articles and letters from around the state; national stud register, "donkey" shop with books and donkey novelty items for sale, support service for donkey owners and much more.

Name of Organisation - Australian Horse Welfare Incorporated

Website  - www.australianhorsewelfareinc.org.au

Located in the Dungog Shire in the Hunter Valley NSW,  Australian Horse Welfare Inc is a Registered Not For Profit Charitable Organisation and Deductible Gift Recipient. We receive no government funding and we are solely reliant on donations and sponsorships from business and the general public. All work within our association is done on a totally voluntary basis by kind hearted people with the same desire to care for horses in need. Our mission:

• To Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home horses that have been neglected, mistreated or otherwise unable to be cared for.

• Where those that may be aged or injured and unable to be rehomed we provide a lifetime sanctuary to meet their welfare needs.

Also in NSW:

Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary inc. www.donkeyrescue.org.au

Horse Welfare inc. www.horsewelfare.com.au

Donkey Welfare with Heart inc. www.donkeywelfare.com.au

Tasmania - Australia

Name of Organisation - Tasmanian Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Organisation - THRRO          Website www.thrro.webs.com

THRRO is a non-profit organisation devoted to the care and rehabilitation of horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected or horses whose current owners no longer have a requirement for them due to personal or financial circumstances. It is our mission to rescue and protect neglected, abused or abandoned equines and provide them with the veterinary care, shelter, sustenance and training necessary for complete rehabilitation and eventually find them loving, permanent homes.

We believe that, by offering education to the public, we will contribute to a long-term solution for improving the welfare and well being of all equines, thereby reducing the occurrence of neglect. It is our goal to offer guidance, assistance and education to horse owners, re-home horses we have rehabilitated, raise awareness of equine neglect and abuse, conduct fundraisers to raise the money needed to rehabilitate horses that may come into our program, offer educational literature, workshops and on-site hands-on assistance when needed and offer advice on equine nutrition and care.

Name of Organisation - Horse Welfare Tasmania

Website - www.horsewelfaretasmania.com

Horse Welfare Tasmania is a non profit and totally volunteer organisation dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of horses. We raise funds to assist with the care of these horses, to provide education to the public and provide assistance where possible. We are here for anyone to call on for assistance. We hold fund raising activities through out the year including 2 major fun days. We are a registered Charitable Institution and Deductible Gift Recipient. We have foster homes throughout Tasmania. Through a team of foster carers we care for the horses entrusted to us while they are nursed back to health before being adopted out to a new home.

Western Australia

Name of Organisation - Second Chance Horse Rescue Inc

Website - www.schrar.org

Second Chance Horse Rescue Inc. is a small Incorporated, non profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of all equines in Western Australia.

National (Australia)

Name of Organisation - Australian Equine Welfare Association

Website - www.aewa.org.au

Aims to promote the welfare and wellbeing of horses in Australia. To do this by lobbying for changes in the law to promote equine welfare; by educating and informing prospective and existing horse owners; and to re-educate and re-home neglected and abused horses. Based in Tasmania and founded in 2005.


Human-Elephant Learning Programs (HELP) - the foundation has been set up primarily to introduce the handlers of working elephants to science based training methods. See the website to learn how horse trainers and animal behaviourists are helping to improve the lives of elephants and traditional elephant trainers - www.h-elp.org

The Brooke is an international animal welfare organisation committed to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and their owners in some of the world's poorest communities. We provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and well-being, operating across Africa, Asia and Latin America - www.thebrooke.org

World Horse Welfare (formally ILPH) - Every day, hundreds of horses around the world urgently need our help, which we aim to provide whenever we can. In Britain, we help horses today by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses. In Mexico, we help horses today by providing veterinary care using specialist treatment teams. Working with the WSPA Disaster Alliance, we have the ability to provide emergency relief when natural disasters threaten horses in the countries where we work. We also tackle the causes of horse welfare issues, and a large part of our work involves preventing the suffering of horses tomorrow - www.worldhorsewelfare.org

The Donkey Sanctuary International animal welfare charity, based in the UK, working to protect and care for donkeys and mules worldwide. The objects of The Donkey Sanctuary are the provision of care, protection and or permanent security anywhere in the world for donkeys and mules which are in need of attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances, ill-usage or other like causes and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among donkeys and mules - www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

Society for the Protection of Working Animals Abroad (SPANA) is a UK charity saving animals in the poorest countries in the world. But we are not an ordinary animal charity. We know that working animals ensure that families can make a living. If an animal falls sick or is injured, then the family it supports may go hungry and fall deeper into poverty. We believe that by ensuring a working animal is well and healthy, it can make even more of a contribution to the lives of those who depend on it - www.spana.org

Victoria - Australia

Name of Organisation- Project Hope Horse Welfare Inc

Website - www.phhwv.org.au

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973 and committed to providing hope for Victorian equines through education, rehabilitation and advocacy. Possibly Australia’s oldest continuing horse welfare and protection group, not counting Australia’s RSPCA that originally started as a horse welfare group.

Name of Organisation - Triple R Equine Welfare Inc. (T.R.E.W.)

Victoria based but active Australia-wide

Website - www.triplerequinewelfare.org.au

T.R.E.W. is committed to improving the lives, prospects and well-being of all Equines. T.R.E.W offers education to the community on essential equine care and welfare, creates awareness of equine suffering, and fosters proactive attitudes towards its prevention.

T.R.E.W acts as a conduit between struggling horse owners and community resources to ensure the best outcome for equines in need. T.R.E.W also provides resources and support to assist individuals in the reporting of cases of neglect and maltreatment, and encourages the public to take action and responsibility for the well-being of equines in their wider community. T.R.E.W carries out the hands-on recovery, rehabilitation, and re-homing of equines in need, and provides a safe haven for equines currently in dire circumstances, where their well being will remain at risk. T.R.E.W strives to stay abreast of equine welfare developments and legislation, with the aim of having a constructive role in contributing towards the modification and/or creation of laws and policies which further equine protection in Australia.

Name of Organisation - Epona's Pastures
Website - www.eponaspastures.com
Epona's Pastures is a small horse rescue organisation that aims to give horses a second opportunity at life. Horses come to us for a variety of reasons, many have been unsuccessful on the track, while others are surrendered to us when their owners are no longer in a position to care for them. Every horse is given a full veterinarian check and put through a training regime to suit their needs. They are then taken through an assessment process to determine the type of home they will be best suited for. As with most Non Profit Organisations, we rely heavily on the generosity of horse lovers for donations to continue the work that we do. If this is a cause you would like to support, please visit our website to make a donation. We are fully registered and all donations over $2.00 are 100% tax deductable.

Name of Organisation – Quest Equine Welfare Inc.

Website - www.questequinewelfare.org  Forum - www.equinewelfare.net/forum

Facebook - www.facebook.com/QuestEquineWelfareInc     

Quest Equine Welfare Inc. is a volunteer operated not for profit charity, making a meaningful difference in the lives of neglected and at-risk equines through direct intervention, education, community outreach, the raising of awareness, and through hands-on horse rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.

Name of Organisation - Victorian Brumby Association

Website: www.victorianbrumbyassociation.org

The Victorian Brumby Association became an incorporated, not for profit charity in May 2007. Since that time, we have rescued, gentled and homed more than 250 Brumbies. Our purpose built sanctuary is in Beaufort in Victoria. 100% volunteer staffed by gentle, loving enthusiastic folk, we lobby for more humane treatment and management of Brumbies in the wild as well as promoting and raising the image of Brumbies as loving domestic riding horses. All our Brumbies have been passively and gentled using empathetic, natural methods. Every Brumby from the Victorian Brumby Association is either conceived or born in the wild, we do not breed Brumbies ever, for any reason.

Name of Organisation – Racehorse Outplacement Program

Website - http://rop.cyberhorse.com.au

Cyberhorse has developed the Racehorse Outplacement Program in order to combat the growing problem of finding a suitable career and home for ex-racehorses. Thousands of horses are bred every year with the sole purpose of making it to the racetrack. Whether they are successful or not, in most cases they have a short career in relation to their life span. These horses are more than capable of spending many more years competing in an equestrian discipline or living out a happy life with a loving owner.

The main problem is that there is no systematic process for trainers and owners to help find new homes for their retired horses. The Racehorse Outplacement Program aims to create the most efficient and cost-effective way for retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses that benefits both the trainers and owners as well as the future well being of the horse.